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The Greek Bicentennial Poetry Pamphlet Prizes


18 June 2021

Who may enter
The Greek Bicentennial Poetry Pamphlet Prizes are open to anyone.

Poets and illustrators from around the world can submit their portfolios for consideration for the Michael Marks Greek Bicentennial Prizes.

All work submitted must relate to the culture and history of the Greeks, from ancient to contemporary times, on the occasion of the Bicentennial celebration of the creation of Modern Greece. This might include the richness and vitality of Greek culture, its complexity and continual reinvention, its many traditions, its humanist philosophy, its cosmopolitanism and its lasting impact on the world as we know it. This connection must be clear. However, each poet or illustrator is free to interpret this theme creatively, in whichever manner most resonates for them.

• The Poetry Prize
Portfolios must comprise a maximum of 150 lines of poetry. This may consist of any number of poems but should be sufficient to fill several pages of the pamphlet. Poems must be written in English.

• The Illustration Prize
Portfolios must comprise a minimum of five and a maximum of eight illustrations. The illustrations may be monochrome or colour but must not be animations. Illustrations will sit alongside the winning poems and must not themselves be poetry nor prose text. Portfolios must be submitted as PDFs.

Poetry and illustration portfolios will be judged entirely separately.

Portfolios must comprise wholly unpublished work.

Entry fee
The entry is free.


• Poetry Prize: £10,000 and publication of your portfolio as a pamphlet, with illustrations and Greek translations, distributed internationally.

• Illustration Prize: £5,000 and publication of your illustrations in a pamphlet, alongside the winning poems, distributed internationally.

How to enroll
For further information visit the official competition website.

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